We must build better. 

Construction practices today are plagued with three major drawbacks that account for an uncertain and unsustainable future for our built environment. 

Firstly, the craft of building is highly dependent on virgin materials, the supply of which is on a steep decline due to unscrupulous raw material extraction. We have surpassed the Earth overshoot day which marks the point at which humanity’s consumption exceeds the capacity of nature to regenerate. 

Secondly, waste is designed into the building process. Construction and demolition waste (CDW) accounts for more than a third of all waste generated in the EU. 

Thirdly, the value-chain of the built environment which comprises hundreds of different stakeholders who have varying ambitions which are not always aligned.

Involved actors have limited accountability because of the fragmented role division and that highly impacts their responsibility towards the environment and society. 

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COUP Circulair 

COUP feeds these three birds with one seed — Circularity / Circular economy (whatever sounds good) 

We perceive buildings as a store of wealth and quality and our practice is focused on retaining this value with the help of principles of circularity: 


REDUCE – One sentence about how this principle was used in BlueCity 

REUSE – One sentence about how this principle was used in Bluecity, waterfgoed 

RECYCLE – One sentence about how this principle was used in Bluecity 

REFURBISH – One sentence about how this principle was used in Genieloods 

REPAIR – One sentence about how this principle was used in Genieloods 

Our approach towards socially and environmentally sustainable building also ensures comfortable and qualitative projects. These projects are not only market-ready, but also future-proof and adaptable to the changing demands. 

But How is it done? 

COUP re-thinks the role of a developer

As an Urban producer, COUP differentiates itself by our experience in developing circular buildings, granting us with specific knowledge of ‘making it happen’. Circular building operates under a completely different set of rules, mostly none. COUP re-thinks the role of the ordinary developer by committing itself to projects through all the phases. 

The COUP ecosystem 

COUP has a range of close partnerships with pioneering architects, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and investors in circular building practices. This ecosystem is built on the foundation of COUP’s ambition to develop responsibly.

Circular opportunities 

COUP identifies the exciting new opportunities that are brought about by circular development.
Our business propositions are carefully crafted to provide the best case scenario for all their stakeholders (The natural environment and community being some of the important few). 

We do this with the help of a participatory approach, —— and —–…

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